Causes of unemployment among fresh graduates

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6 possible reasons why so many Msian youths are now jobless

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Graduate unemployment

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But these policies are not only given the low salaries graduates storm in country areas. conclusion introduction causes introduction causes of unemployment among fresh graduates in malaysia causes of unemployment among fresh graduates in malaysia.

unemployment among fresh graduates in Malaysia, majority of the respondents strongly agreed that, lack of experience are the major cause of unemployment. However, the last 3 points are in regards to fresh graduates only.

As a whole, there could be 1 more reason as to why there are so many unemployed young flers in Malaysia. 6. Jan 05,  · 4 reason why graduates unemployed The increasing unemployment rate among the graduates in Malaysia is a worrying trend.

Unemployment Among Graduates Essay Sample

For many years, the issue cropped up again and again, made the news headlines, and even hit the parliament. The issue of unemployment among graduates in Malaysia need to be addressed for the good of the economy together. Figure 1. Labour Market in Malaysia, Jan Figure 2: Top reasons for unemployment among Graduates in Malaysia Source: Job InThe Star ran a report on how English proficiency was something of a major problem “especially among fresh graduates”.

Graduate unemployment

“Most job seekers can speak and write in English, but their command of English is very basic and .

Causes of unemployment among fresh graduates
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