Formal reality and objective reality

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Descartes' Theory of Ideas

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Formal versus objective reality?

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Examples List on Formal Reality And Objective Reality

In fact, delete is quite unique as a thesis, since if something goes not exist it does not "have" or "not have" anything. Nov 04,  · Do I have this correct if I say that formal reality has to do with extended things like rocks because they exist but are not representations of something else.

It only has formal reality because it "just is." An idea is formal reality because it exists AND objective reality because it represents something greater that Resolved.


The view of objective reality of the Holy Ideas makes it possible for the soul to correct the distortions of perception that dominate the egoic view of the self and the world, thus clarifying the soul’s awareness, or “polishing the mirror” of the soul. Objective reality, belonging to an idea, cannot exceed the formal reality belonging to its cause.

Descartes' Theory of Ideas

Formal Reality Actual reality such as a human, with mind independent existence. He goes on to give us a distinction between the objective reality and the formal reality of an idea. The objective reality is the reality of the representational content of the idea; every idea is the idea of something, it represents something.

Descartes' Distinction Between Formal and Objective Reality Formal Reality - Extramental: Objective Reality - Mental/Ideas: God: The Idea of God/Infinite Substance: Self/Finite Substance: Idea of Self/Finite Substance: Modes/Attributes: Ideas of Modes/Attributes: Principles Involved in this distinction.

The distinction between formal and objective reality in Descartes is elucidated on Brown's web reality refers to the reality of an object by virtue of the kind of thing it is (infinite, finite, modes/thoughts).

Formal reality and objective reality
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