Oedometer soil mechanics and consolidation

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NG-Oedometer - Front Loading Oedometers - Consolidation Test

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Wykeham Farrance

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Oedometers, front loading

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Kukal and Aggarwal marked a water content of 0. The oedometer test is classical in soil mechanics for obtaining parameters for calculation of consolidation settlements and for assessing stress history of soils. The Soil Testing Laboratories' most trusted partner sinceWykeham Farrance (WF) has been instrumental in the development of the internationally test systems that are capable of replicating the complex phenomena in a laboratory environment.

Consolidation refers to the process by which soils change volume in response to a change in pressure. According to the "father of soil mechanics", Karl von Terzaghi, consolidation is "any process which involves a decrease in water content of saturated soil without replacement of water by air".In general it is the process in which reduction in volume takes place by expulsion of water under long.

The standard oedometer test, also referred to as consolidation test or one-dimensional compression test, is a classical laboratory test that allows characterizing the soil stress-strain behavior during one-dimensional compression or swelling. This test determines the rate and magnitude of consolidation of a soil specimen restrained laterally and subjected to a number of successive increments of vertical loads.

Consolidation (soil)

Trilab has the capability to undertake a suite of geomechanical design testing. The company houses the latest geomechanical testing equipment and associated data acquisition and instrumentation.

Oedometer soil mechanics and consolidation
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