Performance and majorette

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These costumes and uniforms include but are not limited to baton twirling costumes, majorette uniforms, figure skating dresses, team skating uniforms, dance wear and costumes, drill team and.

Welcome Whether it's the Prattville High School Marching Band stepping down the field supporting the best football team and coaching staff in the state, or the concert bands giving another masterful performance, Prattville continues its rich musical tradition year after year.

Beyoncé paid respect to the marching band culture at Black colleges during her historic and electrifying Coachella performance in favorite HBCU dance team and majorette routines that blend.

Our fan-favorite performance dance leotards and unitards provide the ultimate in comfort and style.


Shop a variety of center stage-worthy styles and vibrant hues. Coachella Everything that happened during Beyoncé’s headlining performance from Solange to Jay-Z to Destiny’s Child to Beychella.

AAU MAJORETTE DANCE RULES AND GUIDELINES AAU Majorette Dance Categories POM: T h ispe rf omance ayconsi tof ed l performance skills. This routine should focus on a mixture of difficulty, creativity and technique.

TWIRL-M'S Baton Twirling

Majorette Dance Division reserves the right to further clarify any of the dance rules. Any changes.

Performance and majorette
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Color guard, winter guard, cheerleading uniforms, pom poms, flags, sabers -