The causes effects and solution to unemployment in nigeria

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Kidnapping: Overview, Causes, Effects, and Solutions

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· Discussed are the many faces of corruption, causes, effects, and the possible solutions. Because of the outstanding nature of this article, its upgraded version appears in a book "WE THE PEOPLE - Building a New Democracy in Nigeria as a Model for Africa" The effects of unemployment are both personal and national - personal when savings are depleted while looking for a position and national when the total spending level in the economy is impacted  · Of all the many causes of unemployment which exist, the main causes of unemployment can be pointed to the global economic crisis which exists at the moment and has existed for a while.

This economic crisis has effected in a very negative manner, the trade between Causes of unemployment. We will consider five causes of unemployment in Nigeria: High and Rapid Population Growth.

One of the major factors responsible for the high level of unemployment in Nigeria is the rapid growth in population. Still on causes of unemployment in Nigeria and solutions ; The N-Power scheme is a laudable project embarked on by the federal government which is steadily providing employment.

If such scheme continues, more Nigerians become beneficiaries and thus the level of unemployment But I'll advice you to find and buy the book titled 'Solution To Mass Unemployment In Nigeria' by Professor Ogbimi.

I believe that would give you a clear(er) insight. I think the book should be available in OAU bookshop. THE CAUSES AND EFFECTS OF UNEMPLOYMENT IN NIGERIA ECONOMY.

The causes effects and solution to unemployment in nigeria
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