The provocation laws in queensland and its flaws and lack of effectiveness

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Killers' defence of provocation wound back in Qld

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the Queensland Government announced its intention to amend the partial defence of provocation to place the onus of proof on the defendant, in accordance with a recommendation in the Queensland Law Reform Commission’s report, the then Attorney -General observed.

The relationship between the law and public policy in criminal law is one of mutual influence. Some recent cases highlight the strain between the two.

There has been debate about whether the defence of provocation should be changed or abolished as well as consideration of changes to self-defence.

The Provocation Laws in Queensland and Its Flaws and Lack of Effectiveness ( words, 2 pages) An Evaluation on the Effectiveness of Queenslands Provocation Laws The current law regarding provocation in Queensland lacks in effectiveness with immediate reforms being required.


Free Online Library: Provocation: a totally flawed defence that has no place in Australian criminal law irrespective of sentencing regime.


by "University of Western Sydney Law Review"; Defense (Criminal procedure) Laws, regulations and rules Life imprisonment Murder Provocation (Criminal law).

The provocation laws in queensland and its flaws and lack of effectiveness
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Provocation defence wound down in Queensland - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)