The various types of birth control and their side effects

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Birth Control Pills (Oral Contraceptives) List of Names and Side Effects

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What Are Your Birth Control Options?

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Birth control is how to prevent pregnancy before it begins. There are lots of different methods and options that work really well and are easy to use. Other types of combined estrogen and progestin hormonal contraception include the patch and the there are side effects of birth control pills, although the majority are not serious.

Side. Birth Control.

Which Birth Control Is Right for You?

Learn the different types of birth control available to you including their effectiveness and side effects. Birth control can come in the form of a pill, a shot or other options. Today's birth control pills can have health benefits for some women, such as a lower risk of some kinds of cancer.

5 Also, different brands and types of birth control pills (and other forms of hormonal birth control) can increase your risk for some health problems and side effects. Side effects can include weight gain, headaches, irregular.

Information on different types of birth control pills. side effects, risk, drug interactions, and patient information is included. What are the side effects/health risks of birth control pills?

In healthy women, women who smoke and take birth control pills dramatically increase their risk of developing strokes and heart attacks.

Read about the different types of birth control pills, drug interactions, the brands of oral contraceptives, and their side effects. Find out which birth control pill may be the best for you.

The various types of birth control and their side effects
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Birth Control Options: Pictures, Types, Side Effects, Costs, & Effectiveness